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Currently living in Seville, Spain, Vilchez spends his time finishing a degree in Fine Arts and applying himself to his own illustrations.

His collaborations with LAB show his Lowrider series.

Mi nombre artístico es Vilchez. Actualmente vivo en Sevilla y dedico mi tiempo a acabar la carrera de Bellas Artes y a mi producción personal. 
Mis proyectos están directamente relacionados con el mundo de la ilustración y el grabado. Esto se debe sobre todo a la enseñanza de la que he podido disfrutar, basada fundamentalmente en el dibujo.
En estos momentos trabajo colaborando con Little Art Book, para los que estoy produciendo una nueva serie de serigrafías basadas en el mundo del Lowrider, además de una serie de litografías manuales basadas en el mundo del Skate y los jarrones de porcelana china.
El estudio de determinados grupos sociales, además del interés por distintas muestras culturales hacen que mi producción esté marcada por un carácter antropológico al que procuro añadirle un punto de ironía y humor.


Using simple freehand stick figures, Stik has stayed true to form for a decade of social commentary.
Resident in a changing Hackney, Stik draws on the concept of refuge for these latest pieces, which also mark Stik’s own rise from the street.
Recent solo shows include NO-ID (’08) and Austin Gallery (’09). Stik also has work in Pure Evil and Brick Lane Gallery.
Stik has produced murals for, Bookartbookshop, Pogo café, Behind the Shutters, Behind bars, Benny’s bar, Hackney Play Association, L.A.R.C, The Treatment Rooms and the general public.
-Stik is curating a group exhibition of young urban artists in autumn ’09 at Mile End Arts Pavilion.


Illustrator and mural maker, adopted his name due to his rebellion of a religious upbringing and experiences of pure hypocrisy within the establishment.

SINNA ONE creates colourful and twisted cartoon characters, influenced heavily from pop art, sci-fi and comic culture, using graffiti/street art mediums and found objects.

His iconic robot character, ‘SINBOT’, a reflection of the artist’s own emotions and experiences, has been sighted the world over.

Created from simple, flowing lines of pure graphite, injected with ink and splattered with sprays, from the heavens he fell, trailing his colours across the sky, crashing to Earth.

Uncertain of where he had come from and where he is going, he walks the earth, dancing a merry dance of naivety, pondering the roots of his existence. The modern world around him troubles and unsettles his mind and he gets no satisfaction with the answers that he finds. 


Born and raised in Glasgow, Rugman has lived and worked in good East London for the last ten years. His love of 70s America and comic books tend to shine through in his work. Most recently he has been involved in both the Cans Festival and Cans 2, and the POW Street Art Festival located under Waterloo Rail station which includes some of the leading Urban Artists and Graff artists of today.


Nancy Louise Hancock’s statement collection of bold, beautiful, theatrical pieces of jewellery, push at the boundaries of convention. Originally inspired by the details of Croatian architecture in the city of Dubrovnik, Nancy sources fine Italian embroidered cotton lace, hand stitches into pleats, which sits in metal. She uses photo etching techniques to transfer the delicate images on to the metal, finally gold platting and applying 22ct gold leaf. The collection includes indulgent lace ruff neckpieces with carefully designed clasps, large broaches, knuckledusters and earrings.


LukeDaDuke is originally a graphic designer/art-teacher with an unhealthy interest in streetart.
He began sticking his stylized dog on the streets around the year 2000, and is currently making stickers, posters and canvas.
His dog can be found in European cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Paris but also US cities as San Francisco and Las Vegas. The dog marks his owners territory with flair.
Recently he hooked up with the VST Crew, a gathering of European streetartists who met each other on international streetart festivals.



Gemma Ward’s illustration work speaks loudly of its fashion and photography backgrounds. Fast sweeping lines and dynamic female forms have been developed over a childhood of watching and imitating her mother’s fashion illustration. Further to, an obsession with image, composition, light and movement have intensified through her father's (and eventually, her own) camera lens, as has her insatiable appetite for slick aesthetics. However, the artist admits that the main stylistic drive of her work is less traditional- it’s all about music, and living and working in the London art-music scene. 


Elfin occasionally paints with aerosols but admits her 'can control is mostly absent'. However, she's in her element using markers which have served her well in live jams for the likes of Designer's Block, Secret Wars and Best Joined Up to name a few.
Asides from on walls, you can find her hybrid femme fatales in the form of stickers, screen prints and also on canvas.


Don is stoked to be part of the BAZAART (Street art festival) painting with so many great names like: Eelus, Randoncuts, Busk, Fark, BonBon, Hutch, Dank, Snub 23, Stickee and many more, it is a dream come true.
Don... started out in '83' - heavily influenced by the film Beat Street + as a member of a breaking crew, combined hip hop dance + rap with graff art. Finding himself drawn more to the art side of the culture, he began tagging + outlining on trains + trackside walls. Constantly reminded of the legal standpoint on graffiti, he turned these 'negative' aspects into the positive, tutoring @ an East End school - constructively educating the children towards the mural form of graffiti art. Don feels his involvement with graffiti has contributed greatly to his understanding + appreciation of the broader spectrum of the ART WORLD, playing a major part in his professional career in the Art Department of Film / TV. He is currently working with a production designer on a feature film + has also incorporated his graff work into several commissions for commercials + tv work. In doing so, Don promotes the art from the street - to a more diverse media.

Don has just completed art work for GHOST club - Farringdon and Exhibiting at the VANS shop in Kingston Upon-Thames. The canvases displayed in VANS are retained canvases from his DON pieces/murals painted in LONDON Town... which are now gone/finished/history/underbelly...


A graduate of Applied Arts in Jewellery Design (hons) at the University of South Australia, Anthony has always been inspired by all things on a miniature level. Growing up in Adelaide, Australia gave him the chance to be close to nature as well as being able to witness the amazing galaxies and constellations of the outback Australian sky. It was this passion from his upbringing and love for science (previously studying genetics and philosophy) that gave him the inspiration to create wearable handmade body adornments. The idea that ‘creativity is the no-mans land between science and art’ is the philosophy behind Anthony’s work.


Born in 91, he is a regular at Leake Street. His graffiti style is constantly evolving and paints anywhere he can get away with. Skuss, Par2ism, DON, Oker, Obey and Moas are some of the many artists he admires.


Tom ‘Inkfetish’ Blackford was born in London 1981, where he currently lives and works as an illustrator/concept artist as well as exhibiting his paintings and mural work in gallery shows and related events throughout the London area and beyond.

After a couple of years of self publishing comics, his minor cult status increased after unleashing his twisted characters and worlds they inhabit onto the walls of the city and beyond via the medium of spraypaint, enabling him to realise his work on a much larger scale and giving the general public a portal into his world. Through learning how to paint with aerosol, he naturally progressed into canvas using techniques he’d learnt through graffiti and adopting them into the practice of rendering his paintings with acrylics. In doing so, his work has found It’s way into galleries across London exhibiting along side others within the ‘low brow’ fraternity. In September 2008 he was selected as part of a group of 200 artists from across the world to exhibit at the Pixar Animation studios in San Francisco as part of a show based on the iconic movie ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ by acclaimed Animator/Director Hayao Miyazaki. 
Clients include: Marvel, MTV (Europe), Nike, Ecko, Carhaart, Barbican, Vanity Fair (Italy), Manga Entertainment and EA Games amongst others.


I paint what I see and have fun with the image, continuously trying new things, striving for something fresh and exciting.
Give me texture, colour, mess and a pretty face to paint and I’m all yours!!


I grew up in the Westcountry of England, surrounded by the beauty of the English country side where I studied art, before moving to London where I was surrounded by the not so beautiful underbelly of the city to study design at Saint Martins.

This opposing background of beauty and industry is the reason why my art often is concerned with creating beauty from the everyday.....
And to make something really, really pretty.


Focus is a London based street artist, he has been involved mainly with stencil graffiti but is know to do posters and stickers as well. Focus has been featured in London street art books and his work can been seen throughout the city, and even as far down as Cornwall.


Started drawing at an early age, leading to BA Illustration degree from Brighton via Richmond.
Have recently been exhibiting in London.
Influences: comic art, graffitti, skateboard graphics, Russian stuff.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Lara Scott, Busk and randomcuts have now confirmed their one off collabaration will be seen for the first time at Bazaart 2009

Click here to find out more about Busk

Randomcuts would like to give a mention to the guy's with the special prices. click here to find out more

If you have some rubbish art to get rid of, or just some rubbish for that matter click here.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


In 2002 he started to wrestle the streets! first as a character, later as a naked luchador! these days he found some time to get his suit on! but he still loves to wrestle you!
He is a member of the GRAFIK WARFARE collective and also a founding member of the VST-crew.
You can find his stuff around europe, like amsterdam, eindhoven, london, brighton, milan, berlin, ...........
Last month he got a solo-show @ WE ARE FRIENDS in essen/germany and
He just released his first screen-print “night of the loving dead”.


Jux spent her formative years at festivals, squat parties and travelling around Europe with the likes of the Mutoid Waste Co. At the age of fifteen she began designing flyers and spent the next decade producing art and logos for clubs, bands and record labels.

Her latest series of drawings and paintings follows a distinctive thread - she starts each piece with a single meandering line, with little or no idea what the final outcome will look like. She has made her mark on everything from stickers to found materials salvaged from skips.

Jux has also recently been collaborating with graffiti artist Stik.


William is a Scottish artist, born in Glasgow now working in London on his floating studio at Swan Island.

William has had several successful shows. Two at Notting Hill Arts Club and one at Cafe de Paris, Leicester Square. His work has been bought by people in the Music, Entertainment and Sports Industry, with David Coulthard, other owners including Zoe Ball, Sara Cox and members of the band Prodigy. Lady Lenka of Bath is also a collector.

William's agenda 'through a use of colour form and narrative, I try to imbue my paintings with emotions that the viewer/audience can unlock and share what is common'.

To see williams work - click here

EMMA CHAMPELL (Photography)

Studying at the prestigious Documentary Photography Course at Newport, the exploration of social themes and a lack of local entertainment meant it was here that her ongoing fascination with getting into the thick of it started. Working best in lively situations, such as parties, festivals and celebrations, Frecklescorp hopes to capture some the joy and passion in life.
Her love of adventure has found her in intriguing situations which were in no way hampered by being the world's first in-fancy-dress photographer (probably).

More from Emma, click here

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Since 1997, Sin House Projects has been waving two fingers at a variety of media.
Its flair for street style and the subtly subversive has attracted clients such as, Lucas Films, Jack Daniels, Kings of Leon, Harley Davidson and Hot Tuna. 
Sin House activity includes tees, illustration, books, printed canvasses, posters and stencil artwork. 
The Sin House pre-emptive art strike the graphic attack from the wrong side of the tracks.

Friday, 6 March 2009

ODETTE (Jewellery)

With a lifetime fascination for jewellery, Odette is inspired by the natural and industrial with an eye towards modern urban glamour.
These elements combine to create a distinctive range of work, characterised by natural curving forms and bold lines.

She enjoys working with traditional materials like silver and semi-precious stones, also experiments with textiles and found or vintage elements employing a variety of techniques. 
Odette also creates bespoke commissioned items such as non-traditional and unusual engagement rings.


Emilie Morris’s work is a collection of unseen beauty and mysteriousness surrounding us everyday. Emilie draws attention to these forgotten elements of our lives by transforming them into precious items that hold value and meaning. By challenging perceptions of beauty, Emilie draws attention to the fascinating and unusual elements that make up our daily surroundings. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2009



He lives and works in Milan, southern suburbs. Several angles and views of the city are living of his spray and his stencils. 
The context where he moves is the street. The city is his cage, a neverending source of inspiration. 
Every moment, every breath takes him to analyse, therefore to observe.
He dedicates himself to xilography, art of incision on wooden slabs. The style that he uses drafting the
matrices reflects the one of writing, style that has accompanied him during the past years: a new form of urban conceptual dynamism. 
His products are macro lenses for observing the city geography in perennial and constant mutation.


With over 20 years of skate punk ,Diy stickers and screenprinting under his belt,whether it be Stencil, collage or paste ups Stickee draws his inspiration from all things leftfield with a strong sense of the surreal mixed in with big graphics.

Now in the mix with the VST crew big things are brewing this year.........Raw Power!!!


They introduced the Hole School technique in the stencil world: using just one layer, they are able to create a multi-layer gray scale effect.
They developed the same idea in the Spaghetti Stencil technique, shown at the Can's Festival.
Using parallel lines or dots, the results are the same: an abstract appearance looking closer, and a realist/documentaristic image if observed taking few steps backwards.